Samoa: Prepayment Meter Rollout - Pacific Project Brief

Publication | December 2016

A new billing system allows customers to buy electricity credit to match their household income and prevents unaffordable end-of-month power bills.

The Samoa Electric Power Corporation (EPC) has converted their billing system for their customer base to prepayment meters. This included installation of approximately 21,000 prepayment meters for EPC customers and establishing a prepayment purchasing system. Prepayment meters require customers to pre-purchase credit and activate their prepayment meter through an access code which can be purchased by mobile phone.

The prepayment meter rollout cost approximately $6.3 million and was largely completed across the country by 2014. The project was supported through the Power Sector Expansion Project (PSEP), which is a $100 million project to support rehabilitation and expansion of the Samoa power sector by the Samoa EPC.

Additional Details

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