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Handy, quick reference guides to tools, methods, and approaches that propel development forward and enhance its effects.

  • Future Search Conferencing Papers and Briefs | 01 Sep 2012

    Future Search Conferencing

    To enlist commitment, organizations depend on a clear and powerful image of the future. Future Search conferencing has emerged as a system-wide strategic planning tool enabling diverse and potentially conflicting groups to find common ground for constructive action.

  • On Knowledge Behaviors Papers and Briefs | 01 Aug 2012

    On Knowledge Behaviors

    Where large organizations make an effort to boost knowledge sharing, the solutions they fabricate can aggravate problems. Designing jobs for knowledge behaviors and recruiting people who are positive about sharing to start with will boost knowledge stocks and flows at low cost.

  • On Decision Making Papers and Briefs | 01 Jul 2012

    On Decision Making

    Decision making is a stream of inquiry, not an event. Decision-driven organizations design and manage it as such: they match decision-making styles to appropriate techniques and, wherever possible, encourage parties to play roles rife with dissent and debate; decision rights are part of the design.

  • Innovation in the Public Sector Papers and Briefs | 01 Jun 2012

    Innovation in the Public Sector

    Innovation is something that is new, capable of being implemented, and has a beneficial impact. It is not an event or activity; it is a concept, process, practice, and capability that defines successful organizations. Innovation in the public sector can help create value for society.

  • Knowledge as Culture Papers and Briefs | 01 May 2012

    Knowledge as Culture

    Culture must not be seen as something that merely reflects an organization's social reality: rather, it is integral part of the process by which that reality is constructed. Knowledge management initiatives, per se, are not culture change projects; but, if culture stands in the way of what an organization needs to do they must somehow impact.

  • Managing Knowledge in Project Environments Papers and Briefs | 01 Apr 2012

    Managing Knowledge in Project Environments

    Projects ought to be vehicles for both practical benefits and organizational learning. However, if an organization is designed for the long term, a project exists only for its duration. Project-based organizations face an awkward dilemma: the project-centric nature of their work makes knowledge management, hence learning, difficult.

  • On Internal Knowledge Markets Papers and Briefs | 01 Mar 2012

    On Internal Knowledge Markets

    In large organizations, knowledge can move rapidly or slowly, usefully or unproductively. Those who place faith in internal knowledge markets and online platforms to promote knowledge stocks and flows should understand how extrinsic incentives can crowd out intrinsic motivation.

  • The Premortem Technique Papers and Briefs | 01 Mar 2012

    The Premortem Technique

    Assumptions that do not associate with probabilities create a false sense of certainty. Working backward, considering alternatives that emerge from failed assumptions broadens the scope of scenarios examined. The Premortem technique raises awareness of possibilities, including their likely consequences, to enrich planning.

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  • On Organizational Configurations Papers and Briefs | 01 Feb 2012

    On Organizational Configurations

    To manage organizations in ways that will make our society manageable, we need to spark innovations in management. Consider the organization in which you work. What configuration does it have and what does that tell you? What might you do to enhance the strengths and minimize the weaknesses of its structure?

  • Business Model Innovation Papers and Briefs | 01 Jan 2012

    Business Model Innovation

    Who is your customer? What does the customer value? How do you deliver value to customers at an appropriate cost? Business models that focus on the who, what, and how to clarify managerial choices and their consequences underpin the operations of successful organizations.


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