SME Development: Government Procurement and Inclusive Growth

Publication | November 2012

Despite the Asia and Pacific region's unprecedented economic success and poverty reduction, income inequality is widening. Economic data suggests that a significant number of Asian countries have experienced increased income inequality over the past 2 decades. Small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) can play a major role in closing this divide. According to the SME Finance Forum, they are crucial for growth and job creation, accounting for nearly 86% of employment opportunities in developing countries. SMEs are seen to reduce income concentration with a disproportionate impact on minority or poor populations.

This report gives a background on SMEs, its advantages, the barriers it faces and what it can do to help Asia's developing countries.


  • Why Promote SMEs?
  • Barriers Facing SMEs
  • Leveling the Playing Field
  • SME Growth through Government Procurement
  • SME Procurement Preferences and Trade Liberalization
  • Options for Policy Makers

Additional Details

  • Private sector development
  • China, People's Republic of
  • Korea, Republic of
  • ARM125221-3

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