Social Exclusion: Concept, Application, and Scrutiny

Publication | June 2000

It is generally recognized that poverty has both material and nonmaterial dimensions. Because of their obvious tangibility, many development practitioners find it easier to understand and address the material dimensions of poverty.

The exclusion of the poor from participation in and access to opportunities and activities is a major nonmaterial dimension of poverty that also needs to be recognized and addressed. This paper helps us to understand social exclusion as both a cause and a consequence of poverty.


  • Foreword
  • The Task of Evaluation and Assessment
  • Poverty, Capability Deprivation, and Social Exclusion
  • Relational Features in Capability Deprivation
  • The Language of Exclusion
  • Social Relations: Constitutive and Instrumental Importance
  • Active and Passive Exclusion
  • Persistent Unemployment and Exclusion: An Illustration
  • European Origin, Universal Importance, and Asian Use
  • Practical Reason in a Changing World
  • Policy Issue: Sharing of Social Opportunities
  • Policy Issue: Asian Crisis and Protective Security
  • Policy Issue: Democracy and Political Participation
  • Policy Issue: Diversity of Exclusions
  • Concluding Remarks
  • References

Additional Details

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