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Sri Lanka-ADB Partnership: 1966-2016

Publication | November 2017
Sri Lanka-ADB Partnership: 1966-2016

This book traces the history of ADB's projects in Sri Lanka over the past 50 years to strengthen its economy as it moves toward becoming an upper middle-income country.

For the past 50 years, ADB and Sri Lanka have enjoyed a strong and lasting partnership. Sri Lanka joined ADB as a founding member in 1966, and since then ADB has supported Sri Lanka’s development with assistance totalling $8.6 billion as of the end of 2016.

Power and energy; roads and transport; education and skills development; irrigation, water supply and sanitation; regional development; plantations; and the public sector and finance lead among the many sectors that benefited from the financial and technical assistance received from ADB.

Several landmark projects, such as Colombo Port Expansion Project and Southern Expressway Project, would have taken a back seat if not for ADB’s considerate assistance. Postconflict reconstruction and rehabilitation projects are of particular significance during this 50-year journey.

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Sri Lanka-ADB Partnership: 1966-2016


  • Key Milestones
  • Lending Indicators
  • Messages
  • Abbreviations, Weights and Measures, and Glossary
  • Our Projects
  • Messages from Former Country Directors of the Sri Lanka Resident Mission