Sri Lanka: Education Sector Development Program

Publication | May 2015

Sri Lanka has made commendable progress in basic education, achieving universal primary enrollment and high literacy rates. However, Sri Lanka must now improve the quality, relevance, and equity of secondary education.

The secondary education net enrollment rate in grades 10–13 is still only 65%, and only about 6% of students in Sri Lanka entering grade 1 each year go on to enroll in university; as many as 33% enter the labor market without proper academic qualifications or skills training, leading to a high unemployment rate for the 15–24 age group.

To address these challenges, ADB approved the Education Sector Development Program on 27 June 2013. The program will support the government’s Education Sector Development Framework and Program (ESDFP), which seeks to transform the school education system to create a human capital foundation for a knowledge economy, contributing to the objectives of the human capital development goals of the country.


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