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Stepping Up Adaptation to Climate Change

Publication | August 2013
Stepping Up Adaptation to Climate Change

The Pacific Islands Forum leaders have long recognized climate change as a priority development issue that requires coordinated global efforts for a more effective response. ADB's position allows it to analyze the complex problems at all levels, identify appropriate solutions based on a comprehensive understanding of the countries' needs and capacities, and mobilize technical and financial assistance. For their part, Pacific developing member countries (DMCs) have begun to mainstream climate change considerations in their national policies and planning processes.

Climate change is considered the greatest environmental, social, and economic challenge facing the Pacific countries today. ADB, through its Climate Change Implementation Plan for the Pacific, is committed to providing its Pacific DMCs a broad spectrum of technical and financial support, along with capacity development, for implementing national measures that will ensure continued economic growth in the face of climate change. ADB is also developing new assistance modalities to integrate the policy and investment components needed to build greater resilience in the region.

This flyer gives an overview of the regional initiatives, country-specific responses, sector development programmes and future steps that ADB will take in stepping up adaptation to climate change for developing member countries in the Pacific.