Strengthening Inclusive Education

Publication | June 2010
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'Inclusive education systems in [ADB] developing member countries will help create a broad human resource base for inclusive growth.'

- Jouko Sarvi, Practice Leader (Education), Asian Development Bank

Inclusive education addresses the diverse learning needs of all kinds of learners. It reaches out to excluded groups and goes beyond providing physical access to learning institutions to encompass academic and instructional access to learning concepts. This report clearly presents the development of inclusive education and provides a rationale for strengthening it. The report identifies the various forms of exclusion from education and stresses the patterns of exclusion by subsector and by subregion in Asia and the Pacific. It serves two main purposes: as a strategic and operational guide for ADB and its education sector staff in strengthening inclusive education projects in developing member countries; and as an informative resource for education ministries, institutions, and other stakeholders of education in the region.


  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Inclusive Education: What is It?
  • Inclusive Education: Why Do It?
  • Inclusive Education: For Whom and How Many?
  • Inclusive Education: How to Do It?
  • Inclusive Education: Implications for ADB Programming
  • Inclusive Education: Implications for ADB Mechanisms and Procedures
  • Annex: Subregional Patterns of Exclusion
  • References

Additional Details

  • Education
  • Inclusive education
  • TIM101924
  • 978-92-9092-034-2 (Print)

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