Strengthening Pacific Fragile States: The Marshall Islands Example

Publication | December 2009

The Republic of the Marshall Islands joined ADB in 1990. Since then it has received 12 loans for 11 projects, totaling $78.1 million, and 49 technical assistance programs and projects totaling $18.8 million

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The publication tells the story of how a country strategy was formulated to help government and civil society respond to the development challenges of a Pacific island's fragile state. By consistently focusing on identifying and building on the ownership and effective demand for change through consultative and participatory processes, the strategy reveals how the operations of a fragile state can be strengthened.


  • Abbreviations
  • Foreword
  • Introduction and Background
  • Strategy and Program
  • Lessons So Far
  • A Growing Demand for Change
  • New Approaches to Building Demand
  • Where Next?

Additional Details

  • Governance and public sector management
  • Fragile situations
  • Marshall Islands
  • RPT091118
  • 978-971-561-853-3 (Print)

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