A Study on the Prospect of Hydropower to Hydrogen in Nepal

Publication | August 2020

This paper explores the prospect of deploying hydrogen to address shortage of electricity and fuel supply in Nepal. It serves as a baseline for opportunities in countries with abundant renewable resources and facing energy-related challenges.

Nepal faces electricity and fuel supply shortage despite its abundant hydropower resources that have remained largely undeveloped. The hypothesis is that surplus hydropower capacity during the rainy season is not utilized due to demand shortage. The study in this paper focuses on hydrogen deployment in Nepal, where it may be produced during the wet season. It is expected to raise awareness among policy makers on further hydrogen opportunities in the country.


  • Introduction
  • Electricity Sector of Nepal
  • Energy Consumption by Sector
  • Transport Sector of Nepal
  • Hydrogen as a Potential Option
  • Possible Hydrogen Production in Nepal
  • Potential Hydrogen Value Chain in Nepal
  • Cost Analysis of Hydrogen Value Chain
  • Potentials of “Hydrogen-to-X” in Nepal
  • Concluding Remarks and Next Steps

Additional Details

  • Energy
  • Clean energy
  • Access to energy
  • Nepal
  • 40
  • 8.5 x 11
  • WPS200218-2
  • 2313-5867 (print)
  • 2313-5875 (electronic)

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