Summary of Indonesia's Energy Sector Assessment

Publication | December 2015

This energy sector assessment reviews the state of the energy sector of Indonesia.

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Indonesia has coal resources at around 120.5 billion tons, proven oil resources at around 3.69 billion barrels, and proven natural gas reserves at around 101.54 trillion cubic feet. This translates into about 23 remaining years of oil reserves, 59 years of gas, and 146 years of coal at current production rates. Indonesia’s renewable energy sources are also considerable. The country is endowed with significant potential for hydropower, micro/mini hydropower, solar, biomass, and wind, and holds 40% of the world’s geothermal reserves. 

The government’s overall strategy for its energy sector emphasizes diversification, environmental sustainability, and maximum use of domestic energy resources. Visions for a cleaner future however, will need to integrate progressive solutions such as reducing forest degradation, expanding renewable energy, or incorporating emission mitigating technology such as carbon capture and storage.

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