The Financial and Institutional Mechanism of the Sanitation and Wastewater Management System: Learning from the Japanese Experience

Publication | December 2022

Developing Asian countries can learn from Japan's experience of implementing sanitation and wastewater management systems for their own goals, laws, regulations, facilities, and financial systems.

Key Points
  • Japanese experiences of implementing off-site and on-site sanitation and wastewater management (SWM) systems can give insights into sustainable financial mechanisms and institutional arrangements for SWM.
  • There are referable steps that developing countries can follow according to the Japanese experience of implementing SWM systems for goals, laws and regulations, facilities, and the financial system.
  • In many Asian countries, some patterns at the stakeholder level can cause systemic failure of the SWM system.
  • An initiative for a well-organized SWM system is a way to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 6 by securing public health and providing a safe living environment to resolve SWM issues.

Additional Details

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  • Japan