Today's People, Tomorrow's Prosperity: Reviving Growth in Central and West Asia

Publication | April 2010
Today's People, Tomorrow's Prosperity: Reviving Growth in Central and West Asia

From microfinance and education to telecommunications, from disaster risk reduction to new roads and rails, the impact stories narrate how ADB is working with Central and West Asian countries to revive the Silk Road.

Central and West Asia: home of the Silk Road and its historic merchant capitals of Bukhara and Samarkand, Herat and Kashgar; of the fertile fields of the Fergana Valley; and of the many cultures of the Caucasus. Nearly 20 years since many of these countries emerged from the collapsing Soviet Union, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) continues to help them rebuild and reform vital services and infrastructure.


  • Introduction
  • Small Grants Create Big Impact: Credit Unions in Uzbekistan are Transforming Rural Women into Entrepreneurs
  • Inspiring Children: Early Childhood Education in the Kyrgyz Republic Boosts the Wellness of Children
  • Preparing Students for a Modern Economy: The Kyrgyz Republic Revitalizes Its Education Sector to Ready Students for the Modern Economy
  • Educating Hajra: A Middle School Project is Making the Dream of Education a Reality for Pakistan's Rural Girls
  • By the Book: A Textbook Project is at the Heart of Education Reform in Uzbekistan
  • Leapfrogging to Mobile Telephony: Afghanistan's Largest Telecom Operator is Developing a Nationwide Mobile Phone Infrastructure
  • Changing the Course of Emergencies: A New Dike and Improved Disaster Management Policies Reduce Vulnerability to Floods in Tajikistan
  • Building Back Better: Victims of a Devastating Earthquake in Pakistan are Rebuilding Their Homes with Their Own Hands
  • Safe Water: Women and Children in One Kyrgyz Mountain Village Benefit from Easy Access to Clean Water
  • On Track: A Railway Modernization Project is Making Uzbekistan a Regional Leader in Rail Transport
  • Railway to Regional Integration: A New Railway will Connect Afghanistan to Uzbekistan's Expansive Rail Network
  • Road to Recovery: A Rehabilitated East-West Corridor Helps Azerbaijan Develop a Fledgling Non-oil Industrial Base
  • Paving the Way for Growth: Thanks to a New Road in Tajikistan, Residents of Obi Garm can Get to Dushanbe in Half the Time