Tool Kit for Tax Administration Management Information System

Publication | June 2014
Tool Kit for Tax Administration Management Information System

This tool kit aims to guide policy makers and tax administrators in implementing the Tax Administration Management Information System in their agencies.

The Tax Administration Management Information System (TAMIS) Tool Kit was developed with the objective of guiding and helping tax agents in developing countries undertake a holistic transformation of tax administration using information and communication technology. The tool kit provides guidance on key activities any tax agency should undertake in introducing TAMIS in various stages—including diagnostic assessment, prioritization of target taxes and services, implementation approaches, and monitoring and evaluation framework.

This tool kit will support tax authorities in the planning and implementation of Tax MIS in an informed manner and focuses on the

  • needs, roles, and scope of ICT systems for tax administration;
  • key factors that influence the outcomes of ICT initiatives in tax administration; and
  • experiences from such initiatives around the world to minimize the learning curve and maximize the benefits from ICT investments to stakeholders.


  • The Tax MIS Tool Kit
  • The Business Case for Tax MIS
  • Overview of Tax MIS
  • Diagnostic Assessment of ICT Status
  • From Diagnostic Assessment to Prioritization of Taxes and Services
  • Tax MIS Implementation Approach: Stakeholders and Cost Estimate
  • Commercial Off-the-Shelf versus Custom-Developed Tax MIS Solutions
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Framework
  • Key Barriers to Tax MIS Implementation