Toward a Common and Comparable Framework for Measuring the Digital Economy

Publication | June 2023

It is imperative that the digital economy and its impacts on growth and job creation can be measured reliably.

Key Points
  • The G20 has made tremendous progress toward creating an internationally compatible framework to measure the digital economy.
  • Estimates from different methodologies demonstrate that the contribution of the digital economy is rising across the world
  • The data infrastructure of developed and developing countries has a significant gap attributable to various factors, including a lack of data collection and processing capacity and differing national priorities for developing countries.
  • We recommend a bifocal approach toward arriving at a common and comparable measure of the digital economy: (i) a short-term focus to bring developing countries up to speed on a basic measure of the digital economy and (ii) a long-term focus to create an all-encompassing, cross-country framework to measure the digital economy.

Additional Details

  • Governance and public sector management
  • Information and Communications Technology