Toward a Sustainability Appraisal Framework for Transport

Publication | January 2014

This paper proposes a framework for a Sustainable Transport Appraisal Rating tool to assess the sustainability of ADB transport projects.

Transport sector support at ADB is changing to meet the new challenges facing its developing member countries. In 2010, ADB adopted its Sustainable Transport Initiative Operational Plan, which recognizes the need to support transport that is accessible, affordable, environment–friendly, and safe.

At the Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, ADB joined seven other multilateral development banks in committing to financing more sustainable transport projects and reporting annually on the sustainability of their portfolio. A working group on sustainable transport was set up, tasked with developing a common assessment framework.

The proposed Sustainable Transport Appraisal Rating is a tool for assessing the sustainability of ADB’s transport projects and monitoring changes in the portfolio. It is intended to serve as a tool to design more sustainable transport projects in line with the Sustainable Transport Initiative Operational Plan. It is also developed as a contribution to the emerging common assessment framework of the eight multilateral development banks.


  • Executive Summary
  • How to Assess the Sustainability of Transport Projects
  • Putting the Sustainable Transport Appraisal Rating into Practice
  • Using the Ratings
  • Worked Examples
  • Pilot-Test on Transport Projects Approved by ADB
  • Next Steps
  • Codebook
  • Appendix: Potential Alternative Scales

Additional Details

  • ADB administration and governance
  • Environment
  • Urban environmental improvement
  • Transport
  • WPS146304

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