Trade Facilitation Measures Under Free Trade Agreements: Are They Discriminatory Against Non-Members?

Publication | July 2010

To answer the question, this paper cites both discriminatory and non-discriminatory examples of actual trade facilitation provisions in free trade agreements.

Are trade facilitation measures under free trade agreements (FTAs) discriminatory? This important question has yet to be sufficiently explored by the existing literature on trade facilitation. Despite the multilateral scope and non-discriminatory objectives of trade facilitation measures, some trade facilitation measures under FTAs can be discriminatory, similar to those in preferential tariff elimination. Based on a review of FTAs in Asia and the Pacific, this study provides detailed empirical analysis on whether or not trade facilitation provisions in FTAs are exclusive to contracting FTA partners and how the measures can be discriminatory against non-members.

Additional Details

  • Finance sector development
  • Regional cooperation and integration

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