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Trade Finance Program Brochure

Publication | September 2019
Trade Finance Program Brochure

ADB's Trade Finance Program has established itself as a key player in the international trade community, providing fast and reliable trade finance support to fill market gaps for trade finance.

This brochure provides an overview of the advantages of ADB's Trade Finance Program (TFP), a program summary, as well as information on the confirming and issuing bank transaction processes. The three main products of ADB's TFP are Guarantee Products, Funded Products, and Distribution Product (Cofinance).

The TFP provides guarantees and loans to 240+ partner banks to support trade, enabling more companies throughout Asia to engage in import and export activities. Since 2009, ADB’s TFP has supported more than 15,000 SMEs across developing Asia—through over 21,000 transactions valued at over $36 billion—in sectors ranging from commodities and capital goods, to medical supplies and consumer goods.

In 2017, TFP supported $4.48 billion in transactions, $2.81 billion in cofinancing, and supported 2,822 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The six most active TFP countries are Armenia, Bangladesh, Mongolia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Viet Nam.

In 2018, TFP grew almost 40% to support $6.2 billion in trade through 4,470 transactions, $3.75 billion in cofinancing, and supported 3,475 SMEs.

TFP complements its financial support with knowledge products, including a study that quantifies market gaps for trade finance, initiatives to increase the role of women in banking, efforts to enhance environmental and social safeguards, and initiatives to fight financial crime through greater transparency in the global financial system. TFP also provides workshops and seminars to increase knowledge and expertise in matters related to finance, trade, risk management and fraud prevention.