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Trade Policy in Asia: Higher Education and Media Services

Publication | May 2014
Trade Policy in Asia: Higher Education and Media Services

This book gives a comprehensive overview of policy in the higher education and media services sector through comparative analysis of various Asian economies.

Education and media services both provide services that embody local cultures, in which there is extensive public sector participation and significant domestic regulation. At the same time, they are dramatically affected by the information and communication technology revolution. The production of information content now involves huge costs in terms of research and development or artistic talent, while the cost of making such products available to other consumers is very low. This in turn challenges the effectiveness of domestic regulation and raises fundamental questions about its purpose, calling for an increased scope for international trade and investment, and the development of supply chains.

This book provides readers with a comprehensive and consistent treatment of policy in the higher education and media services sector across a range of Asian economies little studied in the existing literature. It gives an overview of global trends in each area, followed by detailed, country-specific studies. Through comparative work, it identifies common elements across these sectors and highlights critical implications for trade policy.

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  • Overview
  • From Cross-Border Higher Education to Trade in Education Services
  • Regulating Higher Education Services in the People's Republic of China
  • Trade and Investment in Higher Education Services in Hong Kong, China
  • International Transactions in Tertiary Education Services: The Case of Japan
  • Trade Liberalization and Domestic Regulations: Implications for Malaysia as a Regional Education Hub
  • Internationalization of Tertiary Education Services in Singapore
  • Audiovisual Services: International Trade and Cultural Policy
  • Audiovisual Services in India
  • Audiovisual Services in the Republic of Korea: Market Development and Policies