Transforming the Rural Asian Economy: The Unfinished Revolution | Asian Development Bank

Transforming the Rural Asian Economy: The Unfinished Revolution

Publication | December 2000
Transforming the Rural Asian Economy: The Unfinished Revolution

An economic transformation has occurred in much of rural Asia since ADB's 1976 survey of the region. The rural economy has increasingly linked to a rapidly integrating world economy and rural Asia faces new opportunities and challenges.

This volume, the first in Study of Rural Asia series, narrates the story of a quiet agricultural revolution that started in the countryside but spread to the nonfarm rural economy and subsequently transformed much of rural Asia. It weaves into the story an in-depth analysis of the determinants of rural development and the effects of public policies and strategies on economic growth, poverty, and the environment. The book then draws on the lessons learned from the first wave of the transformation and discusses how these lessons can be put to good policy formulation to complete the transformation of rural Asia.


  • Foreword, Preface and Introduction
  • Agricultural Growth and Economic Transformation
  • Growth and Policies for Poverty Reduction
  • Agriculture Diversification and Commercialization
  • The Rural Nonfarm Transformation
  • Sources of Agricultural Growth
  • The Evolution of Cereal and Livestock Supply and Demand: Policies to Meet New Challenges
  • Impact of Trade, Macroeconomic and Price Policy on Agriculture
  • Economic Reform in Asia Transition Economies
  • The Financial and Economic Crisis in East and Southeast Asia
  • Environmental and Resource Challenges for Future Growth
  • Challenges for Less Favored Areas
  • Alternative Futures for Asian Agriculture and Food Security
  • Lessons Learned
  • Appendixes
  • References
  • Author and Title Indexes