Tuna: A Key Economic Resource in the Pacific

Publication | March 2001
Tuna: A Key Economic Resource in the Pacific

This report highlights the importance of tuna in the economies of the Pacific countries. Considering the limited exploitable resource of these countries, it may be argued that for people of the Pacific, tuna is not only a key resource but often the key resource.

The future food security and economic development of the Pacific region will undoubtedly be linked to the responsible and sustainable management of its tuna resources. This report provides valuable insights into how such resource management can be achieved.


  • Table of Contents, Tables and Figures, and Abbreviations
  • Foreword
  • Executive Summary
  • Background of the Report
  • Global Significance of Tuna
  • The Tuna Fishery in the Pacific Islands
  • The Role of Tuna Fisheries in the National Economies
  • Small Scale Tuna Fishing
  • Nutrition
  • Culture
  • The Importance of Tuna in the Future
  • Appendix