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Uzbekistan: Development Effectiveness Brief

Publication | February 2011
Uzbekistan: Development Effectiveness Brief

This country brief summarizes how the partnership of ADB and the Government of Uzbekistan has been instrumental to the development of the country. Since 1995, ADB has extended $1.945 billion in loans and $41 million in technical assistance.

Uzbekistan joined ADB in 1995. ADB opened the Uzbekistan Resident Mission in Tashkent in 1998. During 15 years of partnership, ADB has supported Uzbekistan’s efforts toward environmentally sustainable rural development, private sector development, regional transport and transit, and human capital through access to water, education, and health services. ADB is responding to Uzbekistan’s strong economic growth and evolving development by supporting infrastructure development in areas such as energy, transport, and water supply, and by mobilizing the private sector. Since 1995, ADB has extended 34 loans to the country, totaling $1.945 billion, and $41 million in technical assistance.


  • Uzbekistan Development Indicators
  • Uzbekistan and ADB: An Enduring Partnership
  • ADB's Contribution to Development and Welfare Improvement
  • Operational Effectiveness: Improving Efficiency and Performance
  • Future Challenges