Asian Development Bank and Viet Nam: Fact Sheet

Publication | April 2021

ADB has supported Viet Nam’s poverty reduction achievements and has more recently been helping guide measures to address income inequality and socioeconomic disparities, particularly for ethnic minorities and other vulnerable groups.

The global economic downturn and weakening external demand caused by the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic slowed Viet Nam’s recent growth momentum in 2020. However, the country’s economic fundamentals remain resilient and the economy expanded at 2.9% in 2020.

Taking into consideration the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, ADB is currently preparing a country partnership strategy to support Viet Nam over 2021–2025, incorporating priorities of Viet Nam’s Socio-Economic Development Plan 2021–2025.

Updated yearly, this ADB Fact Sheet provides concise information on ADB's operations in the country and contact information.

Additional Details

  • ADB administration and governance
  • ADB funds and products
  • Viet Nam

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