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Visions of Asia's Water Realities

Publication | March 2012
Visions of Asia's Water Realities

The Water Voices documentary series, launched in 2003, showcases people finding local solutions to important water-related problems.

Broadcast by numerous television networks and featured in myriad film festivals, the Water Voices series enjoys continued popularity close to a decade later. Find out why viewers deem the films' water messages lasting and worth promoting.


  • To raise awareness of Asia’s water challenges and the urgent need to address them, ADB has developed the Water Voices documentary series, a set of stories showcasing how people and communities solve their water problems.
  • The documentaries highlight multiple perspectives, with protagonists explaining their role/s in solving water problems. Their geographic, sociocultural, and political circumstances shape the solutions featured.
  • The documentaries have enjoyed positive feedback and wide appeal. A 2005 survey revealed that viewers find them relevant, useful in training or meetings, and worth recommending to other colleagues.