Women’s Economic Empowerment in Asia

Publication | December 2021

Women’s economic empowerment will not only promote inclusive economic growth but also benefit business through increasing organizational effectiveness and growth.

Amid the ongoing challenges to gender equality and the impacts of COVID-19, effective policy measures are needed to strengthen women’s economic empowerment.

Key Points
  • Support women in business by promoting alignment and improving reporting and accountability systems, particularly for gender-disaggregated data collection
  • Invest in the care economy and industry to relieve women’s burden on unpaid care and domestic work and spare them time to look for professional opportunities
  • Develop gender-responsive policies and offer skills development for women and girls to enhance their ability to join the labor force in a wider range of industries
  • Enhance gender diversity in leadership and the decision-making process for better design of gender-responsive policies in empowering women and achieving the Sustainable Development Goal on gender equality (SDG 5)
  • Support women entrepreneurs by adopting inclusive gender entrepreneurship via gender-based procurement and increasing access to finance

Additional Details

  • Capacity development
  • Gender Equality
  • Social development and protection