Women’s Leadership and Corporate Performance

Publication | January 2016
Women’s Leadership and Corporate Performance

This paper reviews the concept, theory, and international evidence on gender diversity and its relation to financial performance.

Is leadership diversified in Asian corporate boardrooms? How is gender diversity in corporate leadership associated with financial performance? What is the magnitude of potential gain by allocating human talents more efficiently without gender bias? What kind of policy might be useful to improve the gender diversity in corporate leadership? This paper provides insights into these questions through theoretical review and empirical analyses. It examines the gender diversity in corporate boardrooms in Asia and the Pacific and how the diversity affects corporate performance. 


  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Concepts, Literature, and Hypotheses
  • Data and Methodology
  • Empirical Results on Gender Diversity
  • Gender Diversity and Firm Performance
  • Addressing the Selection and Reverse Causality Issues
  • Conclusions
  • References