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Working with Women's Nongovernment Organizations

Publication | December 2006
Working with Women's Nongovernment Organizations

This publication presents the case studies of NGO-supported projects funded under ADB's regional technical assistance project on Gender and Development Initiatives - RETA 5889.

RETA 5889 highlighted advantages for development organizations and governments to work in partnership with women's NGOs. From a development organization's perspective, partnership brings the following benefits:

  • Women's NGOs have a well-grounded understanding of poor and marginalized women's lives and needs and of barriers to service delivery.
  • Women's NGOs tend to be more participatory in style in contrast to more top-down approaches taken by government.
  • Women's NGOs as grassroots organizations are forced to be responsive to women's needs and priorities in order to get the support and participation of local women and their communities.
  • Local participation and support that strengthen projects' sustainability and long-term viability are enhanced by mechanisms typically used by women's NGOs.

Partnership with women's NGOs has definitely benefited ADB. There is scope for projects funded by RETA 5889 to be expanded into ADB loans or replicated as components of existing and future ADB projects.


  • Creating Economic Opportunities for Poverty Reduction
  • Violence Against Women
  • Legal Literacy and Women's Rights
  • Women's Health and Education
  • Strengthening Women's Roles in Local Government
  • Building Institutional Capacity