Workshop on Current Asian Financial Developments (APEC Round)

Publication | July 2004

The ADB Institute conducted an APEC workshop on operationalizing the Manila Framework Agreement principles, in Tokyo on 19 March 1998.

The Institute of Fiscal and Monetary Policy of the Ministry of Finance of the Government of Japan co-sponsored the workshop. The Workshop brought together academics, representatives of international investment banks, and high-level official (present or past) with policy-making responsibilities.

There were 40 participants from 15 APEC economies ( the 14 that participated in drafting the Manila Framework Agreement and Taipei, China.) The Tokyo APEC workshop addressed the following issues: 1) in the short run, what policies will help economies get out of crisis?; 2) in the medium and long run, what policies will prevent recurrence of, or reduce vulnerability to, future crises?; and 3) how could regional surveillance prevent future crises?

Additional Details

  • Finance sector development