Assessing the Applicability of Nanotechnologies in Viet Nam’s Water and Sanitation

Project Result / Case Study | 1 September 2015

The water and sanitation sector in Viet Nam requires significant investment in order to attain the level of coverage a developed country has. Due to urbanization, clean drinking water is increasingly becoming scarce in the country. This pilot and demonstration activity (PDA) sought to assess the potential development of nanotechnologies in the field of water treatment and sanitation and how these can be a cost-effective and efficient means to improve water service delivery in Viet Nam.


Project site Viet Nam
Cost $50,000
Status Completed
Approval date February 2015
Completion date March 2017
ADB officer Hubert Jenny
Partner Viet Nam National University


A review of previous development strategies, sector plans, and other relevant documents that might impact the development of nanotechnologies was conducted as part of the PDA. In addition, institutional and governance arrangements, such as policy, legal, and regulatory frameworks, were defined. This was also supplemented with a comparison review of other countries, identifying best practices, as well as determining information gaps that need to be addressed to complete a market study of nanotechnology solutions in Viet Nam.

Part of the assessment also included consulting with various stakeholders, especially in terms of potentially designing a project that meets their needs, and identifying infrastructure requirements and other actions needed to develop a white lab for nanotechnologies for water and sanitation applications in Da Lat City, Lam Don Province.


A report entitled “Assessing the Applicability of Nanotechnologies in Viet Nam’s Water and Sanitation” was produced by the end of the PDA. This encapsulates the scope and scale to develop nanotechnology in the country. It provides a background on nanotechnology, its worldwide applications in the water sector, and potential applications in Viet Nam. The report also contains a look at the national water and sanitation strategy, challenges, and a stakeholder and water flow analyses, among others.

In the course of the assessment, it was discovered that there is a huge potential for nanotechnology applications in water and sanitation in Viet Nam, particularly for distributed systems and for rural areas.  

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