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Master Meter Program for Communal Water Connection in Urban Poor Community in Jakarta

Project Result / Case Study | 1 March 2015

Water supply in the greater Jakarta area has long been in abysmal state, with the urban poor bearing the brunt of this lack of access. They either resort to costly water vendors or sourcing from wells and groundwater that may be contaminated and damaging to their health. There are also cases of illegal water tapping. To resolve these, the provincial government, city-owned water operator (PAM Jaya), and other partners piloted a master meter program that connects a minimum of 550 houses to a communal water meter distribution system.


Project site Indonesia
Cost $50,000
Status Completed
Approval date March 2015
Completion date September 2015
ADB officer Paulus van Klaveren
Partner SPEAK Indonesia


The concept of a master meter program involves a water utility supplying drinking water to a communal or master water meter, which the community then distributes to different households through an area distribution piped network. The master meter records the total water usage and community members collectively pay the water bill to the water utility based on their respective usage.

For the duration of the pilot and demonstration activity (PDA), the aim was to connect and improve the water supply of about 550 houses, reduce the per unit water cost paid by the poor in the target communities, facilitate the establishment and training of community-based organizations (CBOs), and identify the optimum operational system that can be managed by a CBO or private operator. Key activities of the PDA included community preparation, development of engineering design, and actual construction.


During the eight-month PDA, three master meters were established in three different areas, connecting 178 out of a potential 2,200 households. Three CBOs were also formed and facilitated by SPEAK Indonesia (SI): Sumber Kehidupan, Tirta Jaya, and Sumber Rejeki. SPEAK built their capacity to ensure their role and function as owners of the new assets, so they can conduct operation and maintenance. A mutual agreement between the community, PAM Jaya, and other partners was also established regarding the expected contribution from the community.

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