Expanding Access to Credit for Agriculture and Micro, Small, and Medium-Sized Enterprise Borrowers in Pakistan

Project Result / Case Study | 9 January 2018

This project involves a loan of up to $20,000,000 or Pakistan rupee equivalent to Khushhali Bank Limited to expand credit access for agriculture and micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises in Pakistan.


Khushhali Bank Limited (KBL)

ADB assistance

$20 million loan in dollars or Pakistan rupees

Key features

  • KBL is the largest microfinance bank (MFB) in Pakistan, with a presence in all districts in the country and a network of 129 branches.
  • KBL has the largest client base among MFBs in Pakistan, with diverse products for both loan and deposit clients. It now has over 1 million depositors and more then 50,000 borrowers. The bank also offers remittance services and microinsurance products.
  • KBL’s 5-year strategy is to transform its portfolio from primarily micro, group-based loans to a good mix of group, individual, and micro, small- and medium enterprise (MSME) loans. ADB’s funding will help in the product expansion and diversification of KBL’s loan portfolio.
  • The project will improve financial inclusion with its focus on agri-borrowers and MSMEs. Up to 25% of ADB’s funding will be targeted at female borrowers.
  • ADB will also provide a technical assistance grant to support the establishment of an MSME training academy, as well as investments in KBL’s risk management systems.

ADB’s value addition

  • Broaden access to finance, as ADB’s funding will help KBL to continue to grow and to reach unbanked, lower-income customer segments in Pakistan.
  • Support the development of microfinance banking in Pakistan.

Date approved

12 December 2016

This case study is originally published in Asian Development Bank Private Sector Operations, a brochure describing the work of ADB's Private Sector Operations Department, its main goal, sector focus, portfolios, and case studies on projects approved in 2016.