The objective of this pilot and demonstration activity (PDA) is to introduce the AquaRating Tool, an independent water-auditing tool, to the Water Authority of Fiji (WAF), as part of an ADB-funded investment program that will improve access to sustainable water supply and sewerage services in the Greater Suva Area. Piloting the tool in Fiji will provide a comprehensive performance assessment of the water utility and aid in evaluating the applicability of the AquaRating tool in Asia and the Pacific.


Project site Fiji
Cost $33,720
Status Completed
Approval date 15 September 2015
Completion date 31 December 2016
ADB officer Maria Paniagua
Partner International Water Association and Water Authority of Fiji


AquaRating is an objective rating system for water and wastewater utilities developed by the Inter-American Development Bank in partnership with the International Water Association. The PDA consisted of training WAF and ADB staff on the AquaRating concept and user interface and developing a work plan to collect needed data; implementation; and, appraisal workshops to distill and synthesize lessons learned from application of the system and to provide an overview of utility performance.  


The scope of the pilot was limited to self-assessment and did not include the auditing part of the tool. Implementation involved characterization of the urban water and wastewater system management, and scoping and defining performance improvement actions. The implementation phase resulted in 3 workshops and 2 extended self-assessment exercises.

On the whole, the AquaRating tool proved to be useful to WAF in reviewing its performance, providing them with a comprehensive analysis and motivation to develop and implement an improvement plan. As for ADB’s perspective, the AquaRating results were seen as aligned to the planned investment program. Furthermore, AquaRating was deemed applicable to other utilities in Asia and the Pacific.  

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