In Viet Nam, like in many parts of developing Asia, most water utilities have a limited understanding of their existing infrastructure systems, resulting in undervalued assets that leads to gaps in systems management and poor service delivery. Nghe An Water Supply Company (NAWASCO), the water agency for Vinh City, wanted to resolve this and complement the nonrevenue water (NRW) reduction project under Tranche 3 of the ADB-backed Water Sector Investment Program by using information technology for integrated NRW and asset management software (AMS), which will improve the water distribution system and service delivery. In particular, the objective of the PDA is to test the technologies through hydraulic modeling of the water distribution system to: simulate system performance and apply the model to define pressures zones, demand management zones (DMZ), and district metered areas (DMA); design and manage NRW; and optimize the operation of the water supply system.


Project site Viet Nam
Cost $50,000
Status Completed
Approval date December 2015
Completion date March 2017
ADB officer Hubert Jenny
Partner Nghe An Water Supply Company (NAWASCO)


To start, the PDA involved aligning the existing service area map and water distribution system map with satellite imagery, and collecting existing data from NAWASCO that would all be integrated into the proposed IT solution. A database structure and systems layers would also be designed, data integrated into the database, and this would be updated regularly during the pilot, after which the database would be handed over to NAWASCO in CAD format. Part of the PDA also included web-based data hosting and server uploading services for 12 months after project completion; installation of GIS software with corresponding reference materials, system upgrades, and applicable licenses; linking NAWASCO’s Billing and Collection System to the GIS; design and calibration of hydraulic modeling software; and installation of software for the purpose of performing water consumption and water demand analyses, based on data obtained from the Billing and Collection System, as well as water balances and revenues calculation.


The PDA achieved its target, implementing an integrated NRW and asset management software for Vinh City. A streamlined geodatabase that contains all the relevant data gathered was also completed. The billing records were analyzed and billing anomalies possibly contributing to apparent loss were also identified. Analysis of future billing data can now be made readily. Simulation and analysis of water network model were also completed and the results were used in creating a master plan. Through the support of this PDA, utility operators now have a more comprehensive look at the characteristics of the water distribution network.

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