This Pilot and Demonstration Activities (PDA) helped demonstrate a sustainable sanitation program model implemented and managed collectively by community stakeholders.


Project site Chhattisgarh, India
Cost US$ 50,000
Status Completed
Approval date April 2006
Completion date October 2007
Category Rural
ADB officer Jennifer Francis
Partner Association for Stimulating Know How

Report card

Completed in October 2007, this PDA

  • Helped women establish and strengthen 12 Self-Help Groups (SHGs) to manage sustainable sanitation programs in their communities
  • Trained women volunteers, including female youth volunteers, in conducting awareness-raising programs in the communities; 15 women
  • Empowered women to participate in 3 Village Sanitation Committees (VSCs); 22 women representatives have been elected to the VSCs

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Chhattisgarh is a poorly developed area of India, and is a new state that has recently separated from Madhya Pradesh. An estimated 43% of the state's population lives below the poverty line, and a similar portion of the rural population lacks access to electricity, clean water, and sanitation.

This PDA addressed the water and sanitation needs of rural and roadside communities that are also covered by ADB's Chhattisgarh State Road Development Project. Major community-level stakeholders, especially women, participated in the self-help sanitation improvement and management effort, alongside the staff of the local Public Health Department.

Expected outcomes

  • Construction of latrines for households, particularly for women
  • Maintenance of water source and supply by the community with the help of the local Public Health Department
  • Establishment of a profitable and sustainable Sanitary Mart
  • Establishment of Village Sanitation Committees to oversee
  • Disposal system for solid waste
  • Wastewater management and disposal
  • Lanes and drains maintenance in the village
  • Disinfection of stagnant water