Facilitating Irrigation Sector Reform in Chhattisgarh

Project Result / Case Study | 30 September 2006

This Pilot and Demonstration Activities (PDA) provided for a progressive and linked set of activities to forward the policy agenda for irrigation reform in Chhattisgarh.


Project site Chhattisgarh, India
Cost US$ 33,325
Status Completed
Approval date April 2004
Completion date September 2006
Category Rural
ADB officer Thomas Panella
Partner World Water Institute

Report card

Completed in September 2006, this PDA

  • Conducted a seminar on water resources development to help clarify irrigation problems and understand Chhattisgarh's "vicious cycle of irrigation management."
  • Provided a platform for sharing Participatory Irrigation Management (PIM) experiences from different parts of the country through a two-day National Workshop on PIM. Some 75 participants, including PIM experts, attended the workshop.
  • Conducted study tours for senior government officials to understand participatory processes and the role of community-based institutions in water management.
  • Assisted in developing an irrigation sector reform strategy.

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The ADB Chhattisgarh Irrigation Development Sector Project’s (CIDSP) key objective is to promote irrigation sector reforms, primarily through the strengthening of water users associations (WUAs) and increasing user participation and responsibility in systems operations, maintenance, management, and governance. The project combines system level physical interventions with strengthening of WUAs and management reforms.

Implementation of a participatory irrigation management (PIM) Act in Chhattisgarh is weak, as well as the development of WUAs, and the creation of enabling framework to support irrigation reform. The current version of PIM Act itself also needs substantial revisions to improve its effectiveness. Overall capacity in Water Resources Development (WRD), as well as other agencies in Government of Chhattisgarh, is weak in policy making, and awareness of options for sector reform is low.

Expected outcomes

  • Raised awareness regarding the relevant irrigation sector issues in Chhattisgarh, and development of political support for the reform process to be initiated under the CIDSP
  • Developed concrete policy documents for the reform of the irrigation sector and WRD and legislation (a new PIM Act) for strengthening the policy framework for the irrigation sector
  • Framework to support the institutional reforms of the sector project that are necessary to maximize the impact of the other investment components