Integrated Water Resources Management and Environmental Impact Study

Project Result / Case Study | 31 October 2002

This Pilot and Demonstration Activities (PDA) assisted the Timor-Leste administration in developing a cross-subsectoral plan for integrated water resources management and provided follow-up assistance to develop capacity to implement and monitor the proposed plan.


Project site Timor-Leste
Cost US$ 50,000
Status Completed
Approval date 2002
Completion date October 2002
Category Basin
ADB officer Water Fund Manager
Partner -

Report card

Completed in October 2002, this PDA's initial phase provided valuable strategic inputs for a possible project on IWRM.

Timor-Leste, as a young nation, has a great need and potential for reconstructing its IWRM system. However, with scarce resources and limited capacities, the process will take much longer than was anticipated. The country’s priority has shifted to the improving its water supply and sanitation services.

Fortunately, the concluding phase of the PDA was partly integrated into a much bigger ADB project on IWRM in Timor-Leste.

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Following the overwhelming vote for independence, the level of devastation in East Timor was extensive and complete. As an added problem, the development of indigenous administrative capacity remained well below expectations, because of policies that limited the participation of the local population in the administration of the country both during the colonial days and Indonesian rule.

ADB, as the joint administrator with the World Bank of the Trust Fund for East Timor, administered the second of the two Water and Sanitation grant projects in East Timor. To support this reconstruction effort, it was essential to assist the country in formulating an integrated water resources management policy and institutional reforms to coordinate and guide sub-sector development.

Expected outcomes

  • Assessment of the country’s water resources and recommendations for cross-subsectoral management of these resources
  • Recommendations and directions for future assistance in resources management and environmental impacts