Asian Development Bank en Wed, 24 Apr 2024 17:44:52 +0800 Wed, 24 Apr 2024 17:44:52 +0800 Transforming ASEAN: Strategies for Achieving Inclusive and Sustainable Growth ASEAN’s economic transformation depends on its success in achieving its key priorities of recovery, digital economy, and sustainability. 960106 12 April 2024 Asian Development Bank The Multidimensional Well-Being of Asian Senior Citizens: A Systematic Review

Several developing economies in Asia are not ready to face the challenges of demographic change.

959651 10 April 2024 Asian Development Bank
Addressing the Impact of Climate Change on Women Farmers’ Health in South Asia

Women farmers play a crucial role in South Asia’s agricultural sector and contribute significantly, despite facing numerous challenges.

959776 10 April 2024 Asian Development Bank
Achieving Food System Stability and Well-Being: A New Role in Global Development Finance

Food security has far-reaching implications for economic stability, public health, social equity, environmental sustainability, and global interdependence.

959411 09 April 2024 Asian Development Bank
Learning Disruptions during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Evidence from Household Surveys in Southeast Asia

A household survey documents considerable differences between countries in terms of school closures, the government's response, and the education situation.

959641 09 April 2024 Asian Development Bank
Self-Learning at the Right Level, COVID-19 School Closure, and Non-cognitive Abilities

A resilient education system can benefit from supplementary individualized learning programs.

958616 03 April 2024 Asian Development Bank
Sociocultural Dimensions in Water Resources Management While governments and authorities look for technical solutions to water resources management, they can often overlook local knowledge and cultural aspects. 957621 02 April 2024 Asian Development Bank Financial Literacy and Fintech Use in Family Business

A higher level of financial literacy has strong and positive effects on fintech use in family businesses and various business outcomes.

958256 02 April 2024 Asian Development Bank
Asia's Sectoral Transformation, Evolving Diets, and the Consequences for Climate Change

Past technology choices have opened a pathway to prosperity in Asia that now threatens the region’s natural resources and the stability of the planet’s climate.

958096 01 April 2024 Asian Development Bank
Renewable Energy Development: How Close is the People’s Republic of China to Achieving Carbon Neutrality?

The People's Republic of China has the potential to develop renewable resources on a large scale.

957676 31 March 2024 Asian Development Bank
Sustainable Transport Infrastructure: Road Asset Management in the CAREC Region

Sustainable transport asset management should be at the forefront of the CAREC corridors.

957671 28 March 2024 Asian Development Bank
Fueling Change: Impact of Mass Media on Clean Cooking Fuel Adoption in Rural India

Access to mass media increases the likelihood of rural Indian households using clean cooking fuels.

957651 25 March 2024 Asian Development Bank
Evolution of the China Railway Express in the Context of Policy Support, Trade Trends, and Infrastructure Supply

The rapid growth of China Railway Express has spurred collaboration among various players along the rail value chain between the People's Republic of China and the European Union.

956731 22 March 2024 Asian Development Bank
Impact of Trade Facilitation Indicators on Trade Flows in Transport Corridors of CAREC Region and Policy Implications

Developing stronger trade facilitation indicators along the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation corridors can have a significant positive impact on bilateral trade performance.

956751 22 March 2024 Asian Development Bank
Results of the Survey on Financial Regulators’ Initiatives Regarding Corporate Climate-Related Disclosures: ADBI–ADB Climate Finance Dialogue Progress Report

There has been increasing momentum toward standardizing climate-related corporate disclosure since the International Sustainability Standards Board released the Climate-Related Disclosures in June 2023.

956451 21 March 2024 Asian Development Bank
Addressing Water Shortages Using a Community-Led Approach A community-led approach engages the urban poor and other stakeholders in identifying, implementing, and sustaining a project. 954496 19 March 2024 Asian Development Bank Convergent and External Validity of Risk Preference Elicitation Methods: Evidence from Viet Nam

Measuring risk preferences is crucial when it comes to determining the appropriate level of risk reduction and helping people cope with shocks in their daily lives.

950321 26 February 2024 Asian Development Bank
Direct Elections and Trust in State and Political Institutions: Evidence from Indonesia’s Election Reform

The effectiveness of government policies is greatly influenced by people’s trust in state and political institutions.

949566 22 February 2024 Asian Development Bank
Thermal Energy Storage and Cooling Load Response

Strong and effective policy interventions are essential for the deployment of thermal energy storage and demand response technologies.

949426 21 February 2024 Asian Development Bank
Solar Roofing: India’s 500-Gigawatt Renewable Energy Push through RESCO-Based Distributed Generation Achieving economies of scale in the distributed renewable energy sector is a major challenge, partly due to the lower capacity potential of installations and remote locations. 947001 15 February 2024 Asian Development Bank