Kyrgyz Republic: Country Partnership Strategy (2018-2022) - Russian version

Institutional Document | сентября 2018

This Country Partnership Strategy (CPS) defines ADB's strategic approach in the Kyrgyz Republic for 2018–2022.

The Kyrgyz Republic’s CPS, 2018–2022 aims to support growth and economic diversification, improve access to public and social services, and leverage regional cooperation. The CPS is aligned with the country’s medium-term approach (Unity, Trust and Creation 2018–2022) and ADB’s Strategy 2030. 

To achieve broader-based growth, ADB will continue catalytic infrastructure investments in the energy and transport sectors, sequence economic diversification through policy-based lending, and enable institutional reforms to raise efficiency in sectors of engagement. To improve access to public and social services, ADB will increase the employability of the labor force by widening access to skills development, increase water supply and sanitation in selected towns, and introduce demonstration projects in rural areas. ADB will support agricultural services, climate resilience, and disaster risk reduction focusing on water resources. Environmental sustainability will be pursued by tackling the impacts of climate change and building climate and disaster resilience. ADB will use the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) program to enable the Kyrgyz Republic to leverage regional initiatives, including opportunities arising from accession to the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU). ADB will provide support to improve governance, increase gender equality, and knowledge products to inform diversification efforts. Nonsovereign projects in agribusiness, energy, and telecommunication will be explored.


  • Country at a Glance
  • Country Partnership Strategy Snapshot
  • Country Development Context
  • Country Strategy Framework
  • Strategy Implementation
  • Appendixes

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