Connectivity for a Competitive and Dynamic Agriculture | Asian Development Bank

Connectivity for a Competitive and Dynamic Agriculture

Improved connectivity of food producers and providers with their input suppliers and the consumers is a win-win arrangement for players at both ends of the food supply chain. Viable food systems will require the operation of efficient, effective, and inclusive supply chains, and a properly functioning competitive framework. For example, weak postharvest chains in rice could reduce the value of milled rice by 10%-30% in the market.

Enhancing connectivity means the integration of the agriculture sector with domestic and international consumer markets, as well as nonfarm sectors so that small farmers, women, and other vulnerable groups will have their fair share of the benefits. Building connectivity includes:

  • the construction of rural roads, electrification, and development of market infrastructure, such as rural growth centers;
  • agriculture and food trade facilitation;
  • small and medium enterprises development;
  • development of market information systems, food value chains, and food safety standards.