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ADB's Focus on Agriculture and Food Security

In the Spotlight

  • Helping Farmers Go Organic in Thailand

    Safe, organic food is becoming popular across the Greater Mekong Subregion. A pilot program in Thailand is helping farmers meet the growing demand and leave chemicals behind.

  • Small Loans Help Bring in the Big Fish in Indonesia

    Access to finance and expertise is helping fisher folk, cocoa farmers, and others in Indonesia's Aceh and North Sumatra link to major markets for their products.

  • Agriculture Placing Huge Demands on Water: Asia's Thirst for Food

    Agriculture is placing the biggest demands on water in Asia and the Pacific, as rising populations, rapid urbanization, and energy, industrial, and domestic use have left water stocks in a critical state.

  • New Weir in Pakistan's Punjab Provides Extensive Irrigation

    In Pakistan's province of Punjab, ADB is working with the government to replace a 100-year-old weir that regulates water flow to canals irrigating more than 12,000 sq km of agricultural land.

Two-thirds of the world’s one billion hungry reside in Asia and the Pacific. Rising food prices are bringing the specter of food shortages and undernutrition to millions more of the region’s poor.

Supplying growing populations with adequate and affordable food is a major challenge, requiring massive investments in food distribution, storage, and marketing facilities.

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