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ADB's Work in Agriculture and Food Security

ADB has shifted its strategic focus from agriculture to a comprehensive multi-sector food security engagement with the goal of curbing food insecurity, particularly among the poor and vulnerable.

ADB's efforts and strategy to achieve food security in the region are outlined in the Operational Plan for Sustainable Food Security in Asia and the Pacific.

 Promoting Sustainable Food Security in Asia and the Pacific in 2015–2020 The Operational Plan for Agriculture And Natural Resources: Promoting Sustainable Food Security in Asia and the Pacific in 2015–2020 guides ADB in meeting developing member country needs to promote rural development and achieve food and nutrition security by strengthening operations across three areas:

  1. improved market connectivity and agricultural value chain linkages to enhance connectivity and mobility between rural and urban areas;
  2. use of high-level technologies (i.e., satellite and drone-assisted applications and climate-smart farming technologies) to ensure efficient resource use; and 
  3. enhanced food safety through improved policies, standards, and institutions for food traceability and tracking.

Through the operational plan, ADB is addressing the three binding constraints to sustainable food security:

  • stagnating food productivity and production
  • lack of access to rural finance, infrastructure, technology, markets, and nonfarm income opportunities
  • the threat of climate change and volatility of food prices

ADB's goal is to help developing member countries strengthen inclusive food and agriculture value chains that enable integration of production, processing, markets, and distribution networks while improving farm and nonfarm employment opportunities, increased incomes, and better living standards of the poor, women, and other vulnerable groups.

Supporting agriculture research

The internal rate of return of investments in agricultural research has been remarkably high: 20-40% average in Asia and the Pacific. Agricultural research, together with technology and innovations has the effect of increasing productivity, income, and livelihoods. Areas for agricultural research that ADB has identified for the next 10 years include reducing yield gaps; increasing yield potential of crop varieties or hybrids; and reducing crop losses during harvest, storage, or processing.

ADB also supports and partners with international agricultural research centers that undertake research advances to improve rice varieties and crop management systems and practices. It is critical for national governments of developing member countries to help small farmers benefit from these advances.