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ADB's Focus on Education

In the Spotlight

  • 5 Innovative Ways to Produce Job-Worthy Graduates

    Success lies in industry links, technology, skills development, new modes of education delivery, and school-to-work transition programs.

  • Training Bhutan's Youth to Join the Workforce of the Future

    As Bhutan scales up efforts to enhance its vocational education sector, ADB is providing support to upgrading the Khuruthang Technical Training Institute in Western Bhutan. 

  • Rising Out of Poverty through Education in Nepal

    An ADB-supported project, run in collaboration with the Swiss Development Corporation, helped over 59,000 students in Nepal learn new trade skills and find jobs.

  • Built to Last: Ngee Ann Technological College, Singapore

    Approved in December 1970, the project helped improve vocational education at the Ngee Ann Technological College (NATC) as Singapore rapidly industrialized. Established in 1963, the school, now known as the Ngee Ann Polytechnic, is one of Singapore’s leading institutions for higher learning.

Most developing countries in Asia and the Pacific have earned high marks for a dramatic rise in primary education enrollment rates in the last three decades, but daunting challenges remain, threatening economic and social growth.

With over $8.2 billion in loans and grants to the education sector over the past forty years ADB has a long track record in assisting its developing member countries (DMCs) achieve the goal of quality education for all.

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