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ADB's Energy Experts

Providing reliable, adequate and affordable energy in a sustainable manner

Aiming Zhou
Aiming Zhou is a Senior Energy Specialist in the Sustainable Infrastructure Division of the Regional and Sustainable Development Department. He is the focal point of ADB’s Clean Energy Program and oversees its efforts to mitigate climate change by promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy, accelerating the adoption of low-carbon technologies and scaling-up clean energy investments in Asia and the Pacific. Before joining ADB in 2009, he worked with the Alliance to Save Energy and the Center for Energy and Environment Policy in the United States, and the Energy Research Institute in the People's Republic of China. He studied energy engineering, energy economics, energy and environmental policies with a main focus on renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate change mitigation.

Charity Torregosa
As Senior Energy Officer in the Regional and Sustainable Development Department, Charity Torregosa coordinates the development and management of knowledge in the Energy Community of Practice, including research on and analysis of clean energy, new technology, and other issues in energy. She also coordinates sector-focused peer reviews of energy sector projects. Prior to becoming an ADB staff 2010, Charity was a research associate in a non-government organization and consultant to the Philippines National Anti-Poverty Commission and ADB. Her research work spans the areas of energy, social protection and local governance. She studied Development Economics and Philippines Studies at the University of the Philippines.