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ADB's Work in the Energy Sector

ADB has been providing assistance to its developing member countries in the energy sector for more than 40 years. Its support has focused on

  • electricity sector expansion programs
  • support for the oil and gas sectors
  • training and supporting government energy agencies
  • power sector reforms, governance, and efficiency improvements

ADB Energy Policy

ADB's 2009 Energy Policy aims to help developing member countries provide reliable, adequate, and affordable energy for economic growth in a socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable way. The policy enables ADB energy operations to be aligned with the organization’s overall strategy emphasizing energy security, facilitating a transition to a low-carbon economy, universal access to energy, and for achieving ADB’s vision of a region free of poverty.

The 3 Pillars of ADB’s Energy Policy

Promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy

ADB is working to introduce advanced technologies to increase energy efficiency in the region while also increasing the amount of renewable energy in the region’s energy mix. In addition, ADB is seeking to improve access to energy for poor and remote regions.

ADB has integrated clean energy into its project development process and has put in place financing to help decrease the cost of clean energy projects. It has launched initiatives for the rapid deployment of low-carbon technologies in the region. Learn more about this issue.

Maximizing access to energy for all

ADB is looking to broaden support for greater energy access, not only financially, but also by identifying innovative solutions, sharing information with partner development institutions, national governments and with the private sector.

The next phase of the fight against energy poverty will tap into the power of the private sector. ADB aims to help entrepreneurs craft business models that are affordable and appropriate for a market of billions looking for reliable, affordable energy. Learn more about this issue.

Promoting energy sector reform, capacity building, and governance

In accordance with its energy policy, ADB will focus on reforms, education and training, and good governance. This involves helping developing Asian countries restructure and reform their energy generation and supply systems. Reforms can take a long time, and ADB's continued association is needed to ensure that all sections of society, especially consumers, benefit. Sector reforms, including privatization, will be designed and sequenced carefully on a country-by-country basis in a transparent manner. Learn more about this issue.