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Green Finance

Green finance describes a broad range of funding services for environment-oriented technologies, projects, industries or businesses.

It includes environment-related financial products such as credit cards, loans and insurance that would encourage customers to use more sustainable environment-friendly practices.

ADB has been active in providing assistance to developing member countries going green through financial products and services offered by microfinance institutions (MFIs).

For instance, credit lines were offered by MFIs for households and microenterprises to have energy efficient and environment friendly homes in Tajikistan.

Below are ADB microfinance projects related to green finance from 27 May 1983 to 30 June 2014.

Approved ADB Green Finance-related Microfinance Projects

Approval Number Type of Project Country Title of Project Amount (US$) Approval Date
2449 TA KAZ Study on Rural Credit and Savings 470,000 23 November 1995
1810 TA PHI Institutional Strengthening of Cooperatives 1,400,000 22 December 1992
1617 TA PHI Rural Credit 640,000 28 November 1991

As of August 2014