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Governance Thematic Group

ADB’s Governance Thematic Group is the in-house network of experts on governance, public financial management, anticorruption, public sector management, e-governance, and institutional and capacity development.

The Governance Thematic Group plays a crucial role in promoting governance issues in ADB and delivering quality operations in developing countries in Asia through hands-on analytical and advisory support, peer review, and knowledge and innovative solutions.

The Governance Thematic Group is a network of about 200 ADB staff that fosters discussions and knowledge-sharing on governance and related issues and themes. The group runs a seminar series and other learning and development events showcasing operational experiences and lessons, and providing a forum for global thought leaders to discuss emerging trends, practices, and innovations. It also establishes partnerships and maintains links with like-minded organizations and networks.

The Governance Thematic Group is led by a technical advisor who heads a small Committee of directors, leading specialists, and senior staff, which acts as a think tank that provides advice on strategic directions in governance and public management related areas. A secretariat provides technical and administrative support.

Governance Thematic Group

Promotes attention to governance and public sector management issues in ADB operations, and is an important institutional platform for knowledge sharing, cross-departmental coordination, peer review, learning, and links to external networks and partners.

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