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Health: Articles

  • November 2011

    Health: Asia's Double Burden

    Though home to the fastest-growing economies, Asia and the Pacific lags behind in public health care investments. This is a major cause for concern in a region where both communicable and noncommunicable diseases are on the rise.
  • July 2011

    Providing Health and Education During Disaster Recovery in Asia

    Research shows that quick revival of social infrastructure such as schools and hospitals can fast-track the return to normalcy, facilitate restoration of economic activities, and increase the resilience to cope with future disasters. Learn how this can be done.
  • November 2010

    Participating in HIV and AIDS Prevention

    Innovative partnerships to combat the spread of HIV infection in Papua New Guinea are tackling a lack of provincial capacity as well as risky behaviors and gender inequality. Western Highlands, Papua New Guinea - Missionary nun Rose Bernard runs the Shalom Center, an HIV testing and counseling center in Banz, a market town in the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea (PNG).
  • February 2010

    Clean, Accessible Water Raises Health and Productivity in Mindanao

    Naawan, Philippines - The southern Philippine island of Mindanao has abundant water resources, yet many of its residents still do not have easy access to potable water in their homes. The Mindanao Basic Urban Services Sector Project - funded by a loan of US$336,958.84 from ADB to the Land Bank of the Philippines - is helping change that.
  • August 2008

    New Condom Campaign to Combat HIV/AIDS

    A well-researched $10 million program to distribute millions of subsidized condoms in "hot spots" of sexual activity around the country aims to control an HIV/AIDS epidemic. Meanwhile, in the rural areas, an incongruous alliance of big business, government, and religious groups is breaking down prejudice against the disease through awareness programs and safe-sex instruction.
  • August 2008

    A Greener Way of Turning Trash Into Treasures

    A new "green" waste collection center is helping improve the working conditions of waste pickers and recyclers in Manila's Smokey Mountain. Manila - Smokey Mountain was once a 2-million-ton garbage heap that, for over 40 years, served as a waste disposal facility for the Philippines' capital city of Manila. It drew a large community of informal settlers who scavenged the garbage for their livelihood.