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Summary of Projects

ADB initiated a number of health projects in 2013, including the approval of a $10 million Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction (JFPR) grant to Myanmar to help improve the coverage and quality of HIV services, and of a $1.5 million JFPR grant to Mongolia for the development of the country's social health insurance system. Other projects include a $430 million Asian Development Fund (ADF) loan to Pakistan to support social protection, of which $45 million goes to development of a health insurance program, and a $70 million ADF loan to Viet Nam to help improve nutrition and health in the country's Central Highlands. Finally, a $2.5 million JFPR grant to Tajikistan to improve maternal and child health in rural areas was approved.

Regional HIV/AIDS initiatives were also started. These include the implementation of international health regulations to improve surveillance and control of HIV and other communicable diseases in Central Asia, and the launch of a sports-based communications campaign for HIV prevention jointly developed with the Asian Football Federation.

Other technical assistance activities include supporting regional efforts in the fight against malaria, and the development of new project proposals on urban health in India and health sector governance the Lao People's Democratic Republic.

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