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Water for All Timeline

"Water for All" is ADB's vision for the Asia and Pacific region. ADB works to increase investments for better water services in cities and rural communities and careful management of water resources. This knowledge timeline chronicles ADB’s work on water and development since the adoption of its Water for All policy.


2001 Crystal clear vision


ADB adopts Water for All Policy to jumpstart reforms and sets up Cooperation Fund for the Water Sector to increase investments.


2002 Knowledge reservoir


Water Awareness Program is launched: Water for All website goes online. Water Briefs, Water for All Publications series, and Water Voices Documentaries are initiated.

Water Pilot and Demonstration Activity program is launched. ADB helps establish the South East Asian Water Utilities Network.


2003 Ripples of information


First issue of Water for All News e-newsletter is published. Water Champions and Country Water Actions feature articles series are initiated. Interim review of Water for All policy is undertaken.


2004 Network connections


ADB helps establish the Network of Asian River Basin Organizations.


2005 Half full or half empty?


Comprehensive review of Water for All policy implementation is undertaken. Asia Water Watch 2015 study released.


2006 Increasing financial flows


ADB launches Water Financing Program and sets up Water Financing Partnership Facility. ADB helps establish Asia-Pacific Water Forum.


2007 Expanding coverage


Water for All YouTube Channel is created. Asian Water Development Outlook 2007 published. Water Operators Partnership Program is launched.


2008 Sanitation stream

ADB partners with World Toilet Organization and co-organizes World Toilet Summit.


2009 Toilet talks


2010 Trickling into social media


Water for All joins Facebook, and then later on Twitter, Scribd., and Flickr.

2011 Full steam ahead


Water Operational Plan 2011-2020 is released. WaterLinks is established.

2012 Irrigation stream


Irrigation subsector is revitalized through Asian Irrigation Forum.


2013 New financial spring


Sanitation Financing Partnership Trust Fund is set up by ADB and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Asian Water Development Outlook 2013 is published.


2014 Wastewater stream


Wastewater Innovations website goes online. NARBO celebrates 10th Anniversary.


2015 Ripple Effect

ADB prepares for a follow-up 2nd Asian Irrigation Forum to secure water and food for Asia’s future.