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Water Funds

ADB’s Water Financing Partnership Facility (WFPF) boosts ADB’s work and investment on water and development. It supports the implementation of ADB’s Water Financing Program. Prior to the WFPF, the Cooperation Fund for the Water Sector (CFWS) financed a program of activities designed to add value and increase synergy in ADB’s water sector operations. The CFWS supported ADB’s water sector work from 2001 to 2009.

Water Financing Partnership Facility

The WFPF provides additional financial resources and technical support for components of investment projects, technical assistance operations, knowledge management, and regional cooperation. The Facility focuses on activities that:

  • Increase water investments, i.e., water sector assessments and the preparation of fundable investment proposals in rural water, urban water, and basin water;
  • Accelerate policy and institutional reforms, i.e., initiatives that enhance policy and regulations, strengthen coordination mechanisms, promote regional cooperation, and engage civil society;
  • Build institutions and expand knowledge base, i.e., short-term innovative pilot projects, capacity building interventions for key water sector organizations, knowledge products, regional cooperation, and partnerships and networking.

There are currently three trust funds under the WFPF.

  • The Multi-Donor Trust Fund has received a total of $52.44 million financial contributions from the following financing partners:
    • Australia - $24.21 million equivalent
    • Austria - $8.47 million
    • Norway - $4.56 million equivalent
    • Spain - $10 million
    • Switzerland - $5.2 million equivalent
  • The Netherlands Trust Fund has a total of $44.25 million committed contributions from the Government of the Netherlands.
  • The Sanitation Financing Partnership Trust Fund has a $15 million contribution from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

As of 31 December 2017, WFPF committed contributions stand at $111.69 million.

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Cooperation Fund for the Water Sector

The Cooperation Fund for the Water Sector (CFWS) was established in December 2001, following the adoption of ADB's Water for All policy, to help catalyze the policy's implementation. As the predecessor of the WFPF, the multi-donor CFWS financed a coherent program of activities designed to add value and increase synergy in ADB's water sector operations through better awareness, knowledge management, capacity building to support reforms, pilot and demonstration, water partnerships, regional cooperation, monitoring, and coordination.

The CFWS’s grant resources focused on better understanding of sector issues, advancement of reform measures, and development of capacities within ADB and in its developing member countries. It also helped to establish regional networks and partnerships for knowledge sharing, capacity development, and leadership.

Contributions to the CFWS reached $21.5 million from:

  • The Netherlands - $19.4 million
  • Norway - $2.1 million equivalent

The fund was closed in December 2009.

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